Valdice Gate, Jičín square

Map, 1km, suitable for an evening walk or for a walk with a stroller

Valdštejn square is the main square in Jičín city. It is in the shape of a rectangle and its main view point is the renaissance Valdice Gate, chateau and Baroque church of Jakub Větší. You can also see the Baroque Marian Column, water fountain with the statue Amfitrité from the 19th century, the coronation fountain from 1836 and renaissance and Baroque town houses. There is an archway along the whole square. The city centre including the square belongs to the urban conservation zone

Lime tree alley

Map, 50m, suitable for walking, running

Valdštejn alley connects Jičín with village Sedličky, where you can find Valdštejn Loggia in Libosad Park. The alley goes along the road going from Jičín to Lomnice nad Popelkou. The alley was planted upon a wish of the duke Albrecht from Valdštejn in 1631.  It was planted in four lines with the length of 1825 metres with 1152 lime trees with 6 metres spacing. Today there are only 968 trees that are not original from the time of Valdštejn because the alley has continuously been restored by new planting and the average age of the trees is about 100 years. The lime tree alley is located only 50 metres from the hotel reSTART.

Fairy tale dragon in Jičín

Map, 1km, , suitable for an evening walk or a walk with a stroller

The iron dragon is the art piece of a graduate of Jiří Kmoška art school in Turnov. It is located in the area of Jičín pedestrian precinct.

Valdštejn loggia

Map, 1.5km, suitable for trips with children, strollers, short bike trips, architecture and history lovers

Observation Tower Čeřovka

Map, 500m, , suitable for trips with children, photography, views of surroundings

The observation tower was built under the order of Jičín region hetman Hansgirg with donations from rich townsmen. Its purpose wasn´t only the view tower itself but also providing work and support for the poor. However, during the next few years the tower hadn´t been used a lot and it was close to crashing down. That is the reason why there was a huge wall built at the end of the 19th century protecting the tower.

Rumcajs Cave

Map, 6km, suitable for hiking, running

Rumcajs cave always looks as if somebody was living in it. The bed is made, a snack is prepared for Cipísek, there are flowers for Manka and a jar with water on the table. You can get to the cave from Prachov across Přivýšina following the blue or green tourist path in the direction of town Brada. Or you can park your car right under the ruins of castle Brada and from there it is only a short way along the blue tourist path

Chateau Jičín

Map, 1km, suitable for history lovers

The chateau in Jičín was built after 1608 and 12 years later it caught fire after an explosion and was seriously damaged. Under Albrecht of Valdštejn, in 1633, it was newly built in the Baroque style.  The chateau with its three courtyards is a part of urban conservation zone.

Rumcajs´s shoemaking shop

Map,  6km, suitable for trips with children, discovering fairy-tale Jičín

Visitors of Jičín are interested in the home of shoemaker Rumcajs- a fairy tale character from books by Václav Čtvrtek and Radek Pilař. You can visit Rumcajs´s household from the time when he was a shoemaker before becoming a snatcher.

Prachov Rocks

Map,  8km, suitable for hiking, trips (family with children without strollers), if you want to visit the biggest dominants of Bohemian Paradise

Prachov Rocks are rock formations of sandstone in different shapes, situated about 5-7 km north-west from Jičín, natural reserve, a part of CHKO Bohemian Paradise and a popular touristic destination.  Visit one of the most popular tourist places in Czech Republic.

Castle Trosky

Map,  8km, ideal for bike trips, if you want to visit one of the biggest dominants of Bohemian Paradise

The strange ruin of what was once a Gothic castle, resembling devil´s horns sticking out of the ground, founded at the end of the 14th century, has become the main symbol of the region of Bohemian Paradise. The location on two steep basalt rock cliffs meant that Trosky Castle was difficult to conquer.  However, if you take a tour around the premises, you can learn about the rich history of the castle and its development and you can climb the towers called Baba (i.e. Old Woman) and Panna (i.e. Young Girl). Both towers offer unique views of the wide surroundings.

Castle and chateau Staré hrady

Map,  16km, ideal for trips with kids even in bad weather

The castle and chateau of Staré Hrady near Jičín is a unique Renaissance group of buildings with figural sgraffito. The first mention dates back to 1340. It was originally a Gothic castle, with the characteristic elements created in the shop of Petr Parléř, with an adjacent Renaissance chateau and bailey. There are a lot of fables connected to the history of this place.

Castle Kost and valley Plakánek

Map,  19km, ideal for trips with children, bike trips, for history lovers

The best place to enjoy romantic time in the Bohemian Paradise is at a grand castle Kost and the valley Plakánek which both offer a wonderful natural scenery. The castle Kost is one of the best-preserved medieval castles in the Czech Republic and is supposed to be the second most important. After you have visited the castle follow the red trail and then the blue one to the valley Plakánek and to the Village Heritage Reservation Vesec.

Bozkov Dolomite Caves

Map, 35km, , suitable for trips with children, if you´ve had enough of castles and chateaus, to cool down in hot summer days 

The Bozkov Dolomite Caves are situated on the northern slope of the Bozkov village in the hilly landscape of the Krkonoše foothills. The entrance into the underground space was discovered by dolomite miners in the 1940s, but only in 1957 the underground system of fissure corridors, partly filled with water, was discovered. The Bozkov dolomite caves is a labyrinth of underground corridors and cavities situated not very deep under the surface. The typical and unique decorations of the accessible caves consist in quartz ledges and listels in walls and ceilings. Some of the hollows are even filled with stalactites and stalagmites, including interesting small eccentric stalactites and stalagmites, in addition to the traditional calcite decoration. Attractive items of the sightseeing route also include underground lakes with crystal-clear blue-greenish water. The Bozkov dolomite caves is the only cave system in North Bohemia accessible to the public. The caves and their surroundings is a protected area conditioned by the nature and landscape protection law.

Chateau Hrubý Rozhozec

Map, 27km, , suitable for bike trips, history lovers, trips in nature

The state Chateau Hrubý Rohozec, surrounded by a moderate English park, offers its visitors tours of more than thirty furnished rooms that used to serve as representative and residential rooms for originally French count family members of Des Fours Walderode.

Pecka Castle ruin

Map,  24km, ideal for history trips

The castle ruin in the only one whose interiors are accessible in the whole region of střední Podkrkonoší and Krkonoše. You can enjoy unique views of mountain tops of Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) and two guided tours focused on the history of the castle and the town Pecka.

Zoo Dvůr Králové

Map,  40km, safari ride in your own car even in bad weather

In Safari Park Dvůr Králové you can have real African experience- safari rides among herds of animals and the only lion safari in Central Europe. You can take a walk to see the biggest herd of giraffes kept away from Africa and to rhinos that made the safari park famous, all while looking at the amazing African art and culture and listening to the rhythms of African music

Zoo Chleby

Map,  41km, smaller zoo, perfect for the youngest visitors

ZOO Chleby was established on the 5th of June 1997 with the help of animal fundraising of Mr. and Mrs. Franěk in a small family garden and as the time went, more and more exotic animals were added to the animal collection and more visitors were coming, so it was necessary to find bigger space and make a regular zoo. You can see pheasants, parrots, toucans etc.